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Renault renews its partnership with the FIAC

  • Renault, official transporter at the 44th edition of the FIAC in Paris.

  • This partnership is part of a broader policy to support the creative arts in France and other countries.

20 October 2017


Paris, October 20, 2017. A partner of the FIAC International Contemporary Art Fair for the past four years, Renault is supporting this 44th edition as official transporter.




After the static face-to-face work presented as part of the previous edition by contemporary artist Ange Leccia, Renault Talisman is on the road again. For this new edition, a fleet of 20 vehicles, Renault Talisman and Renault Espace, will carry personalities from the world of art for the duration of the fair, which runs from 19 to 22 October.


50 years of support to arts and a unique collection

The partnership with the FIAC is part of its policy to support the creative arts. A leading player in French social and economic life for over one hundred years, Renault carries French culture in its genes. And it has also contributed in its own way to France's celebrated art of living. Renault's long-standing support for the creative arts is natural and coherent with the company's identity and image. As part of the CEO’s Office, Renault’s Public Relations department organizes a range of partnerships with the cultural community: the Cannes Film Festival (for 35 years) the Deauville Film Festival, the César Cinema Awards and the La Seine Musicale concert hall and the Château de Versailles.


Renault maintains strong ties with the art world, deeply rooted in the company's history. The story goes back to 1967 and the opening of the "Research, Art and Industry" department. This marked the start of a unique cooperation with major artists whose works enriched Renault's own collection and also France's national heritage. Curated and expanded by the historian and art critic Ann Hindry, the Renault Collection comprises over 300 works by around thirty major artists including Arman, Dubuffet, Tinguely and Vasarely.

The collection symbolizes a visionary union between two perpetually changing worlds: art and industry. Renault is proud of its French roots and has displayed its collection in several countries that are important to its international development – such as Japan, Mexico and China.

The Renault Collection continues to build on a dialogue with other cultures. Since 2010, the collection has gained works by contemporary artists from other countries: Angela Palmer (UK), He An, Wen Fang (China) and Arslan Sükan (Turkey).




"Amongst the body of corporate collections developed and exhibited today, the Renault Collection is regarded as a forerunner and, like any tutelary entity, it is both a benchmark and a model. For the company, it is a way to build its reputation and image. For the art world, it is an opportunity to make the transition from an art reflecting society to a company that is part of its times." (Ann Hindry, curator of the Renault Collection).




" I believe art is enriching, inspiring, liberating. I really admire the fact that Renault was one of the first companies to create an art collection, not simply by buying art but by inviting new artists to create their art in Renault’s factories. It was enlightening and idealistic as a concept with sometimes unexpected practical results in the fort mf a Vasarely designed Renault emblem, the first piece of art that was truly mass-produced." (Laurens van den Acker, Head of the Industrial Design Renault Group).


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Renault renews its partnership with the FIAC

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Renault renews its partnership with the FIAC
Renault renews its partnership with the FIAC