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Get a preview of Renault’s new 100% electric vehicle, New Renault ZOE as from 26 June at L’Atelier Renault

To celebrate this launch, an unique event geared around the legendary French game Mille Bornes has been set up with Dujardin: A fun showcase for New Renault ZOE, an electric version of the French game Mille Bornes "Mille Bornes RENAULT EASY ELECTRIC LIFE", a mobile application using augmented reality "Mille Bornes Avenue"


Renault, leader in electric mobility across Europe

26 June 2019

As the leader in electric mobility across Europe, Renault is now revealing its third generation of its city car, Renault ZOE. Starting on 26 June 2019, New Renault ZOE will be on display as a preview at L’Atelier Renault, the automotive manufacturer's emblematic showcase. An opportunity for the general public to check out this new electric vehicle, with an exhibition and a stunning setting!

Seven years after the launch of its celebrated all-electric car, Renault is introducing the third generation New Renault ZOE, with a more versatile, easy-living focus than ever: this new model boasts a sleeker design, and provides a range of modern facilities to ensure driving and cabin comfort. Boasting a 390 km range and an all-electric engine, New ZOE is upping standards in terms of power, perceived quality and technology.

In line with this new vehicle that's captured the spirit of the times, L’Atelier Renault and Dujardin are introducing a new version of the popular French game Mille Bornes in celebration of mobility:

- In its traditional physical form going by the name of "Mille Bornes RENAULT EASY ELECTRIC LIFE"

- As a mobile application called "Mille Bornes Avenue" developed in collaboration with Dujardin.

The Mille Bornes Renault, Easy Electric Life

Who else than Renault to invent a Zero Emission Mille Bornes? L’Atelier Renault has released a special new edition of the French game Mille Bornes which is gearing up to factor in new forms of transport, to appeal to futures generations!

Starting on 26 June 2019, visitors can play and buy the Mille Bornes RENAULT EASY ELECTRIC LIFE, an exclusive at L’Atelier Renault. 110 cards, still with the same goal: reaching the 1,000 kilometre milestone first!

Its special features? Electric vehicles are used to illustrate the cards. "Flat tyre" and "accident" attacks have been replaced by cards reflecting modern preoccupations, such as "Air pollution peaks". Counter-attacking cards now include "Zero Emission vehicle" and "free parking"

A limited edition of Mille Bornes RENAULT EASY ELECTRIC LIFE is on sale at L’Atelier Renault's shop for €19.90 as from 26 June

The augmented reality application, The Mille Bornes Avenue

The game Mille Bornes has adapted its format to digital natives, turning the Champs-Élysées into a game court.

L’Atelier Renault has joined forces with Dujardin to produce "Mille Bornes Avenue" a contemporary mobile application using augmented reality, mixing card versions from the past 65 years through to the revelation of this special edition of Mille Bornes: the Mille Bornes Renault Easy Electric Life.

As from 26 June 2019, visitors can download the application free of charge. You go to the Champs-Élysées, catch the cards with your mobile, on a set circuit (from the exit of Metro station Charles de Gaulle-Étoile to Champs-Élysées Clémenceau.

You have to solve riddles and find as many milestones as possible to reach 1,000 km and finish the race at L'Atelier Renault to win a small surprise

Calling all fans of the French game Mille Bornes! There's a chance to (re)discover the game at L’Atelier Renault! On your marks, get set, GO!

*Free application - Available on IOS and Android


About l’Atelier Renault

Located at 53 avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris, France, L’Atelier Renault is the Parisian venue where passion comes to life. For over 100 years, L’Atelier Renault has embodied the spirit of the Renault brand, as a venue focussing on innovation, technology and design.

With a schedule of ever-changing innovative experiences, L’Atelier Renault takes its visitors on a trip to

the heart of French creative flair.

Open to all, for workshops, concerts, tasty treats and digital experiences, L’Atelier Renault shares its passion for life, as embodied by automotive manufacturer Renault on a daily basis.

About Dujardin

A subsidiary of TF1 Entertainment, Dujardin is a leader in games and toys in France. Some of its products have attained classic status, such as Mille Bornes and Le Cochon Qui Rit. With the success of

its games such as Chrono Bomb’ and Escape Game in France and abroad, the firm is growing its expertise to come up with ever more innovative games and toys.

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Get a preview of Renault’s new 100% electric vehicle, New Renault ZOE as from 26 June at L’Atelier Renault

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Get a preview of Renault’s new 100% electric vehicle, New Renault ZOE as from 26 June at L’Atelier Renault
Get a preview of Renault’s new 100% electric vehicle, New Renault ZOE as from 26 June at L’Atelier Renault