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The All-New Renault Duster: The unstoppable SUV

With more than one million cars sold, the Renault Duster has been revamped seven successful years after its original release. The All‐New Renault Duster boasts all‐new exterior styling to deliver a distinctly assertive and robust look. The car offers a step‐up in perceived quality with totally redesigned interior for a comfortable and user‐friendly cabin experience. Equipped with new driving aids and new equipment, the All‐New Duster is a genuine SUV – both versatile and comfortable for everyday driving.

14 November 2017


  • All-new modern and robust exterior styling.
  • New high-quality and user-friendly interior.
  • A range of new equipment to facilitate travelling comfort.
  • Upgraded comfort and driving pleasure.
  • Enhanced safety.
  • An improved 4WD driving experience and the same off-road capability that positions the All-New Duster among the market’s very best.


“Reinventing an icon like the Duster was an enormous, yet inspiring challenge for the design team, the aim being to carry over the strengths that helped the original become such a hit, while taking a fresh look at the rest. The All-New Duster and its entirely redesigned exterior and interior are the signs that they achieved just that. Thanks to its higher belt line and the impression that the front and rear have been widened, the All-New Duster comes across as more forceful and its SUV calling is even more apparent.”
Laurens van den Acker - SVP, Corporate Design, Groupe Renault


The All-New Duster’s robust and particularly assertive styling highlights its SUV pedigree:

  • Although visually more muscular, the Duster features the same compact dimensions.
  • The expressive front and rear appear wider, heightening the impression of stability.
  • The All-New Duster’s robust stance is emphasised by its bold, more horizontal lines.
  • New aluminium roof bars and more prominent front and rear skid plates point to the All-New Duster’s adventurer credentials.
  • New 17-inch wheels ensure an even more assertive profile.


The designers worked from a clean slate to design a completely new interior for the All-New Duster, with a modern, comfortable and passenger-friendly cabin:

  • The dashboard has been totally redesigned for a more status-enhancing and more ergonomic cabin.
  • The seats have been completely revised for improved comfort and better support.
  • Careful attention has been paid to the materials, fit and finish. The quality of the cabin is apparent at first glance.
  • Clever storage spaces have made travelling even more convenient.


The All-New Duster catalogue also offers a range of equipment to facilitate everyday driving. The list includes a multi-view camera, Blind Spot Warning, a 4x4 monitor, remote engine start, automatic climate control, a keyless entry and automatic headlight activation.


The All-New Renault Duster: The unstoppable SUV

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Orianne Tamburini D

Orianne Tamburini D

Dacia Product Communication Director


The All-New Renault Duster: The unstoppable SUV
The All-New Renault Duster: The unstoppable SUV