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'Dealer Of The Year': Awards for Renault’s best dealers

On March 30, Thierry Koskas, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing of Groupe Renault, rewarded the best dealers of the Groupe’s sales network at the Hotel Molitor in Paris (France) during the ceremony for the annual ‘Dealer of the Year’ (DOTY) awards. In 2016, more than 2,500 dealers took part in the challenge across 35 countries.



31 March 2017

The 106 winners of the 2016 DOTY awards were selected on the basis of four criteria:

  • sales performance,
  • customer service quality,
  • compliance with brand identity standards,
  • profitability of their dealership.

Thierry Koskas acknowledged the commitment, performance and professionalism of these Group dealers throughout the ceremony. He underlined the importance of the dealers’ actions playing a key role in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The 2016 edition, for the second time recognized three dealers for their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), five of them have also received the “EV Award”, an award for theirs sales performances in EV.

With a sales network of 12,700 outlets spread in five regions, Groupe Renault’s priority is customer satisfaction in sales and aftersales. Aware of the diversity of its customers and their expectations, the Groupe is committed to satisfying its customers throughout the entire customer journey.

“Groupe Renault achieved excellent sales results last year thanks to the performance of its teams, especially that of the sales network, who accompanied and represented the Groupe with enthusiasm and professionalism. I would like to congratulate you for your daily work, always looking to improve customer satisfaction.” said Thierry Koskas to the winners of the DOTY.


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DOTY RSE FORNASARI Veronica France Motors Argentina
DOTY SOTO Enrique Galante d'Antonio Argentina
DOTY TAGLE Manuel M. Tagley CIA Argentina
DOTY DO ESPIRITO SANTO Armando Armando Brazil
DOTY GUIMARÃES Paulo Via Paris Brazil
DOTY PEPE FILHO Lello Azurra France Brazil
DOTY GREWE Mark Sanautos S.A. Colombia
DOTY VIVES Enrique Tayrona Automotriz S.A.S. Colombia
DOTY BECERRA Rene Renault Chihuahua Mexico
DOTY ESCALERA Felipe Renault San Luis Mexico
DOTY KHERRAF Nadhir Kherraf Batna Distributeur Algeria
DOTY MANSOUR Mohamed Reda SARL Cars Algérie Algeria
DOTY SAHLI Abdelmalek ETS Sahli Abdelmalek Algeria
DOTY ZAIDI Sadek ETS Zaidi Auto Algeria
DOTY KUMAR Mahesh T V Sundram Iyengar & Sons Limited India
DOTY KUMAR Vivek Trident Auto Enterprises Private Limited India
DOTY & DOTY RSE NAVANATI Harsh Nanavati Cars Private Limited India
DOTY PARIKH Hemang Unnati Vehicles Private Limited India
DOTY ABROUQ Youssef Succursale Sidi Maarouf Marocco
DOTY EL KHLOUFI Abdelaziz Tetouan Automobile Marocco
DOTY RAHMOUNI Mohamed Rahmouni Auto Service Marocco
DOTY REN Xuehong Beijing Zhongqi Leiri Automobile Co., Ltd. China
DOTY LI Xue Hunan Tianhe Automobile Sales & Service Co., Ltd. China
DOTY KIM Okmin Naju Sales Dealer South Korea
DOTY KIM Hyunsoo Pohang ESC Center South Korea
DOTY KIM Sunhee "RSM Korea" Spare Parts Dealer South Korea
DOTY TASHEV Lyuben Auto Tashev Bulgaria
DOTY SCHIAUCU Radu Daperom Grup Auto SA Romania
DOTY VAIDESCU Alin Amat SA Romania
DOTY GUROV Denis Autoprodix, St.Petersburg Russia
DOTY IVANOV Dmitri Standart, Rostov-on-Don Russia
DOTY KAPSHAR Igor Lucky Motors, Ekaterinburg Russia
DOTY SHMAKOV Nikolay Prestige, Kaluga Russia
DOTY SIBGATULLIN Airat Kan Avto, Kazan Russia
DOTY SUDAKOVA Anna RTD Service, Moscow Russia
DOTY ERGİN Esra Nazar Turkey
DOTY KOÇ Ismail Koçmak Turkey
DOTY SÜTER Galip Kiyi Turkey
DOTY TEPRET Kemal K. Tepretoğullari Turkey
DOTY TUĞMANER Rasim Tuğmaner Turkey
DOTY YEVSYUKOV Oleksandr Nara Ukraine
DOTY WAAG Christophe Renault Nissan Wien Handels- und Reparatur GmbH Austria
DOTY BRÄUTIGAM Johannes Autohaus J. Bräutigam Germany
DOTY HAUSER Günter Autohaus Hauser GmbH & Co. KG Germany
DOTY POPP Peter Renault Retail Group Deutschland GmbH Germany
DOTY RAPP-KÜBLER Andrea Autohaus Rapp GmbH & Co. KG Germany
DOTY STOLL Klaus Auto-Stoll Germany
DOTY ZE VORNDRAN Guido Autohaus Vorndran GmbH Germany
DOTY AUER, MAG. Gerald VOGL + Co Autoverkaufs GmbH Austria
DOTY KRIEGNER Claudia Auto-Kriegner GmbH Austria
DOTY GIJSEMANS Davy Group Pashuysen Belgium
DOTY LALLEMAND Marc Integral Auto - Initial Auto Belgium
DOTY PORTAL Philippe GSL Groupe Belgium
DOTY VALCKENIER Guy Valckenier Groep Belgium
DOTY VIDAKOVIĆ Ankica Autodom Vidaković Croatia
DOTY DALSGAARD Jens Skanderborg Bilcentrum A/S Denmark
DOTY BISTUER Marcos Auto Cuatro. S.A. Spain
DOTY GARCIA Javier Garcia Moya Automocion, S.A. (Moyauto, S.A.) Spain
DOTY GIL Antonio Mezquita Motor, S.L. Unipersonal Spain
DOTY GOMIS Riquelmo Automoviles Gomis.S.A. Spain
DOTY OREJAS Daniel Leomotor Asturias, S.L. Spain
DOTY ROMERO Jesus Auto Urbion, S.L. Spain
DOTY ZE SUBIAS Luis Renault Retail Group Barcelona, S.A. Spain
DOTY RADVÁNSZKI László Gold-Cars KFT. Hungary
DOTY KEARY Brendan Kearys Renault Ireland
DOTY BUONDESTINO Ciro RRG - Filiale di Roma Italy
DOTY CARMELI Paolo Autocaravan SPA Italy
DOTY DE MARTIS Alfredo Centro Car Cazzaro SRL Italy
DOTY FERRARI Davide Carebo SPA Italy
DOTY MAUSOL Nicola RRG - Filiale di Milano Italy
DOTY MESSA Marcos Messa T. SPA Italy
DOTY ZE DALENG Thor Erling Motor Forum AS, Oslo Norway
DOTY JONGERIUS Hans Autobedrijf Hans Jongerius B.V. Holland
DOTY OKKEMA Gerry ABD Groep B.V. Holland
DOTY RSE SZMIGIEL Andrzej VIP Car Sp. z o.o. Poland
DOTY ZIĘBA Mirosław Auto-Zieba Sp. z o.o. Poland
DOTY DĄBROWSKI Mirosław RRG Warszawa Sp. z o.o. Poland
DOTY KARCIAUSKAS Donetas Sostena UAB Lithuania
DOTY PIRES Fernando RRG Gondomar Portugal
DOTY PIRES Soares RRG Telheiras Portugal
DOTY NEDVĚD Tomáš K N car spol. s r.o. Czech Rep.
DOTY SUDÍK Jiří Pyramida Průhonice Plus s.r.o. Czech Rep.
DOTY SEKULIC Sladjana Auto kuca SEKULIC Serbia
DOTY OŠKO Ľuboslav Euromotor Plus, s.r.o. Slovakia
DOTY MILOSAVLJEVIĆ NENAD Avtotehnika Celje d.o.o. Slovakia
DOTY LÖÖV Jan Bra Bil Sweden
DOTY BRÄGGER Didier Hutter auto riedbach ag Switzerland
DOTY ROH Jean-Christophe Groupe Garage du Nord SA Switzerland
DOTY BRADLEY Paul Renault Wirral UK
DOTY GRAVELL Jonathan Gravells, Kidwelly UK
DOTY MAGUIRE Damien T.C. Autos, Omagh UK
DOTY SCHOFIELD Jim Renault Manchester UK
DOTY SEAGER Craig Bagot Road UK
DOTY WARD Paul Shelbourne Motors UK
DOTY BRETON Arnaud Renault Englos France
DOTY ZE CERVERA Jean-Michel Renault Muret France
DOTY COULOT Christian Renault Lyon Ouest France
DOTY FERREIRA Manuel Renault Joigny France
DOTY FRITSCH Jean-Marc Renault Altkirch France
DOTY ZE GATTO Cédric Renault Orléans France
DOTY GOUJON Xavier Renault Cholet France
DOTY HUARD Didier Warsemann Automobiles Bracieux France
DOTY SARROTI Didier Marignane Automobiles et Services France
DOTY VIGNAUD Florent Tulle Automobiles France


'Dealer Of The Year': Awards for Renault’s best dealers

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'Dealer Of The Year': Awards for Renault’s best dealers
'Dealer Of The Year': Awards for Renault’s best dealers