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Agreement to support a new dynamic of growth: conclusion of the round of negotiations
February 19, 2013 | ID: 44086
Agreement to support a new dynamic of growth: conclusion of the round of negotiations 
  • Renault and the CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT and FO trade unions held their eleventh and final negotiation meeting on Tuesday February 11.

  • At the meeting, a draft agreement was examined, which included the various proposals and commitments discussed throughout the talks (see attachments).

  • Two new developments were made. Monitors would be appointed to observe the implementation of the provisions of the agreement. Management would also commit to increasing employee shareholding. 

  • By the end of this meeting, all the information enabling the trade unions to express their intentions had been put on the table. 

  • The draft agreement can be submitted for consultation to the group works council and the works councils of the subsidiaries concerned, prior to signing by the trade unions and the Chairman of the Renault Group, Carlos Ghosn. The agreement could be signed within the next few weeks.


Following the meeting, Gérard Leclercq, Executive Vice President, Chairman of Operations, France, said: "The 11th meeting concludes the round of negotiations on making Renault more competitive in France. The variety of topics covered, the length and quality of the discussions, and related issues, have led to a unique and innovative draft agreement, which illustrates what we can build through constructive dialogue. If the trade unions sign the agreement, it will give Renault a solid, lasting base for its manufacturing, engineering and service businesses in France. In a few days’ time we will know the trade unions’ decision, which I hope will be positive so that our industrial facilities in France regain their attractiveness, which is the only way to grow faster than the European market.”

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