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Sales results France: 2012: a transition year for the Renault group
January 02, 2013 | ID: 41896
Sales results France: 2012: a transition year for the Renault group 

The Renault group had uneven results in a historically weak market.

  • Renault brand LCV sales were good, but PC sales were down due to the aging range, which is now being renewed.
  • Dacia sales grew once again, with a PC market share up 0.2 points to 4.3%.


PC + LCV market

  • In a PC + LCV market that contracted 13.3%, Renault group sales were down 19.8%, and its market share stood at 24.2% (-1.9 points).
  • The Renault brand nevertheless remained number one in the market. Renault retained its leadership position in both the PC and LCV markets as well as in each customer channel.
  • Dacia remained number six in the market (+0.1 points to 3.7%).


PC market

  • In terms of renewing the range, 2012 was a year of transition.
  • Renault brand sales fell 24.7% in a PC market that contracted 13.9%. Its market share was 18.1% (-2.6 points).
  • With rebate levels well controlled, Renault’s performance remained healthy in an extremely competitive market.
  • Despite its aging product range, Renault has held onto its leadership position. Twingo, Clio, Mégane and Scénic continue to dominate their respective segments.
  • Clio is still the best-selling vehicle by far in the French market.
  • Dacia PC sales were down 9.2%, but the brand’s market share rose 0.2 points to 4.3%. Dacia thus kept its number-six ranking in the PC market.


LCV market

  • In an LCV market that shrank 10.5%, the decline in Renault’s sales was limited to 10.1%, thus enabling the brand to increase its market share to 32.1%.
  • When Dacia’s sales are included, the Group sold more than one out of three LCVs purchased in France.
  • Twingo, Clio and Mégane fleet cars and, Kangoo, Trafic and Master are also the leaders in their segments.
  • Kangoo, Master and the Clio fleet car rank one, two and three on the list of the top-selling LCVs, all brands combined.


Outlook for 2013

Renault began renewing its range in September 2012 with the launch of New Clio, which is showing good order volumes. The renewal program will continue throughout 2013, with more than ten new products to be rolled out during the year. Renault will thus have a broader and greatly renewed range that will be one of the youngest on the market.

Ranked number six in the market, Dacia has extended its product offer with the rollout of Lodgy in April and then Dokker and Dokker Van at year-end. New Sandero and New Logan, launched in November and early 2013, respectively, round out this renewal effort and will enable Dacia to offer the youngest range in the market in 2013.


Comments Bernard Cambier, Senior Vice President, Market Area France:

The automotive market contracted more severely in 2012 than our initial forecasts had predicted, with a decline of more than 13% to a historically low level that we had not seen since 1997.

In this market, Renault brand LCV sales were very satisfactory. There was a decline, however, in our sales to PC buyers, owing in particular to our aging product range.

This fact makes me optimistic for 2013, when we will be able to regain ground with a younger and wider range of both Renault and Dacia cars.”

Full year 2012VOLUMESVar vs 2011
(in %)
MS %
RENAULT GROUP PC+LCV551 334-19,8%24,2%
RENAULT GROUP PC424 147-22,1%22,3%
RENAULT GROUP LCV127 187-10,8%33,1%
RENAULT PC343 355-24,7%18,1%
RENAULT LCV123 455-10,1%32,1%
DACIA PC80 792-9,2%4,3%
DACIA LCV3 732-29,6%1,0%









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