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Renault convenes an extraordinary Board meeting
March 14, 2011 | ID: 27939
Renault convenes an extraordinary Board meeting 

The State Prosecutor has just communicated an update on the current state of the enquiry.

Renault wishes to thank the Prosecutor’s office as well as the investigators at DCRI (Central Directorate of Interior Intelligence) for their ongoing enquiry and their collaboration with the company, in this case.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Patrick Pélata, Chief Operating Officer, present their sincere apologies and regrets, personally and in the name of Renault, to Messrs Balthazard, Rochette and Tenenbaum, who were wrongly accused in this affair.

They are committed that reparations be made to the three executives, and that their honor in the public eye be restored. They further acknowledge the serious personal harm that they and their families have suffered. Carlos Ghosn and Patrick Pélata will personally meet with Messrs Balthazard, Rochette and Tenenbaum as soon as possible.

Renault is pressing charges, and has filed for a civil action, in the case of organized fraud. It is confident that justice will be revealed, through the enquiry opened by the State Prosecutor.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Renault’s Board of Directors, has convened an extraordinary Board Meeting for today.

Renault will communicate after the Board meeting.

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