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Lightweight, functional and beautiful
February 13, 2017 | ID: 87100
Lightweight, functional and beautiful 


Alpine’s legendary agility has always been driven by low weight. In the new Alpine our engineers have applied this principle to the seats, which combine ultra-low weight with excellent lateral support to enable the driver to feel at one with the car.


13.1 kilograms

In many sports car seats, a trade-off has been made between performance, driver comfort and weight. In the new Alpine, we have achieved excellent lateral support and comfort despite a total seat weight of only 13.1 kilos.

With a one-piece shell and visible support rails, the weight of the Alpine seat has been reduced by up to half compared to those of some of our competitors.

Quilted leather, functional and comfortable

With excellent lateral support for thighs, hips and shoulders, the Alpine seat helps maintain driver control in even the most challenging corners.

And the quilting of the seats’ leather, similar to that of some of its predecessors, offers excellent quality and comfort.

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